LenDenClub is an RBI Registered NBFC P2P  and the largest in small ticket size loans.

Over the last 5 years of operations, we have disbursed more than 75,000 loans to borrowers across various states of the country.

More than 70% of these borrowers have repaid their loans successfully and remaining are in the repayment phase. Our investors have continued to earn a good return on our platform as the default rates have been around 5% against an average ROI of 28%.

Our lenders have earned net returns (after adjustment of platform fee and defaults) of 15-17% over the last five years. LenDenClub is at a sweet spot to deliver the returns with the luxury of the trusted name in the market.

Our longer vintage allowed us to run the platform through various credit cycles and improve our performance during a bad times as well. Whether it is a slowdown in the economy or if we are fighting a crisis through COVID-19 pandemic, our performance has been always consistent.