1.    Gold Plan:

    It's the premium plan where you get access to the in house Artificial intelligence tool, Auto Invest (AI) that invests your money on your behalf and gets optimized returns for you (estimated 14-15% p.a.)

    We generally recommend to invest an amount of above INR 1 lakh and up to INR 50 lakhs for a period of 24 months, for you to fully benefit from the plan. But, please feel free to start investing with smaller amounts, experience the platform and then increase your investments

    This plan also entitles you to a Relationship Manager along with several other features like waiver on the fee to change your bank account details, priority access to borrower profiles, amongst others

    This is available as a complimentary upgrade for you

2.    Silver Plan:

    It's a privilege plan where you may expect returns of 12.5-13.5% p.a. 

    This also gives you access to Auto Invest (AI). 

    We recommend investing for a duration of 12 months and amount between 50,000 to 25 lakhs to reap the AI benefits

    This plan also includes features like a Relationship Manager, priority access to borrower profiles, etc.

    This is available as a complimentary upgrade for you

3.    Basic Plan:

    This is the default plan in case you do not avail for a Gold/Silver plan

    In this plan, you will be required to plan out your own investments and manually screen borrower profiles and invest

    AI feature is not available here

    Given the lack of system intelligence, it might be difficult for you to reach your targeted returns in targeted time horizon. 

    Please track the account actively to ensure that your money from repayments does not remain idle 

    Services like Relationship Manager and priority Auto Invest are not available in this plan