We have built-up a recovery mechanism wherein our recovery team continuously follows up with the delayed borrowers to recover the amount. Our team also ensures that the borrowers are reminded prior to their loan EMI due date so that they don’t miss a payment. The recovery process is slightly different depending upon the loan product.

Personal Loan: Loan amount ranging from 20k to 5 lacs. 

  • We have a tele-calling team as well as field executives to recover the amount.
  • We continuously send SMS, emails and make calls to recover the amount. We also send our field executives to the borrower's place for the recovery. 
  • We also provide legal support here. The legal charges are equally borne by investors and LenDenClub. If you need more information about legal support, email us at invest@lendenclub.com and we will be more than happy to help.

InstaMoney Loan: Loan amount ranging from 5k to 12.5k.

  • The returns are comparatively high and so is the risk. For this category, we continuously follow up with the borrower via SMS, email and calls. Physical visit and legal process is not initiated for this loan category.